‘Zero clearance’ benefits both production line and the RV

WFCO Power Centers demonstrate the significant difference a simple design element can make. All WFCO Power Centers introduced over the last five years have been front-venting/zero clearance designs. That is, the fan system used to air cool the unit is designed to cool only from the front, which eliminates the typical 2 cubic feet of air space required in the rear of other converters to vent the exhaust air.

This allows many WFCO Power Centers to be installed in a smaller compartment, providing more floor space or storage area and design flexibility for the manufacturer. In some WFCO products there is also more hand space within the converter compartment to make it easier to bend and install the wiring. Another benefit of the front venting is that the backside casing does not have any holes or slots for venting air to the rear. This means that wood chips, sawdust, metal shavings and screws cannot get into the unit during the manufacturing process, helping to prevent potential shorts and problems down the road.

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