You Have Questions, WFCO Has Answers

For 40 years WFCO has provided innovative “answers” to challenges faced by manufacturers, dealerships, and RV service centers. The quality, reliability and affordability of these answers have put WFCO products in four out of five RVs made today.

Besides providing a quick answer to your questions, WFCO’s FAQ section is a great place to educate yourself about WFCO products and power products in general. Designed to answer questions for RV owners as well as technicians, it is divided into three sections under the headings of General, Electrical, and Troubleshooting. The latter can be particularly helpful for technicians with step-by-step directions offered toward a solution. Below are some of our most popular FAQs and their respective answers.

Does the converter need a battery to operate?

No. The battery works in conjunction with the converter to supply DC power to the RV. A battery is typically only necessary if you do a lot of dry camping or have slide-outs and/or a leveling system.

How do I file a warranty claim?

For Dealers and Retail Customers: All the necessary forms are available on this website- click here. At the top of the page, select “Warranty Returns”. Select the appropriate form on the page that opens up. The forms can be filled in online and then printed. To receive an RGA number, fax the completed forms along with the Proof of Purchase to the number located on the form. If you need an immediate replacement, complete the “Credit Card Authorization” and fax that with the rest of your forms. Authorizations received before 12 noon EST will be sent out that day.

Why can I pull my fuses out of the fuse board and some of the LEDs light up, but some do not?

When a fuse blows, the red LED comes ON indicating a blown fuse. If for some reason the output circuit has no load on it (turning off the switch or turning off the appliance), the red LED will not light even if the fuse is blown or removed.

How many Amps does the converter supply to the battery?

The battery will draw amperage out of the converter. In other words, the converter provides only the amount of amperage the battery is asking for. The amount is based on the particular model of converter that you have and on the condition of the battery. Note that amperage is supplied to the RV load first, then the remainder goes to the battery. In other words, if you reduce the RV’s electrical load, then more amperage goes to the battery causing it to charge faster.

Why do I have voltage on the DC Fuse Board output terminals even though the fuse is not in place?

This is normal. There is only voltage present- no amperage. The voltage you are seeing is the voltage needed by the monitoring circuit that turns the red LED ON when a fuse is blown.

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