Why we offer so many converter choices

pwlogo2WFCO offers a much broader range of converter choices than any other supplier. That’s because we recognize there are a wide variety of RVs operating with many different electric load requirements. OEMs need a reliable source of power products to meet every specific need without compromising the size, output or cost. Manufacturers also take different approaches to RV power capabilities. Some manufacturers want to be able to power everything at once in a unit, a full load. Others want to have just enough power available to be efficient as well as effective, because not every appliance is likely to be used at the same time.

A wide variety of WFCO Power Converters can handle substantially different loads, from 12 amps for the smallest trailers to 100 amps for a large motor home, toy hauler or park model trailer. We have both deck mount converters and power centers. Our varied inventory gives us the ability to more precisely match the continually evolving power needs of each RV, ensuring the most efficient and reliable use of power for every unit.