What WFCO Offers Customers

WFCO’s excellent products are just the beginning. With more than 40 years of experience, we know that keeping good customers is more than providing superior products. We also offer superior service because when you’re successful, you’re successful. That’s why WFCO is the trusted power supply for more than 80% of RVs built today. calling 574-294-8997.


• 45 Days inventory – we never let manufacturers run out of stock. No backorders, ever.

• Same-day deliveries for emergencies.

• WFCO has a dedicated sales team with 24/7 sales support for manufacturers.

• We also provide monthly installation and load audits upon request, which can save the manufacturer money.

• The WFCO Power Pros provide extensive training and service to OEMs and your dealers and expert installer training at manufacturer locations.

• The WFCO Power Pros regularly take calls from dealers and manufacturers to troubleshoot and solve issues, saving time and money.

• WFCO’s website offers helpful and educational videos to dealers and their customers.

• Warranty Rate of <1% is the industry’s best. That’s proven reliability and a high-quality product. Our products work.

There are many reasons to count on WFCO for your power management products. To better understand WFCO products and their advantages, fill out our form to schedule an installation audit or a training session today!

For any WFCO resources, tools, and information on our products, email support@wfcoelectronics.com with your request, or click here to download the WFCO Training Catalog. To learn more about our products through video, click here.