WFCO Training at NTP EXPO a Success

During the NTP-Stag EXPO in Nashville, TN last month, WFCO held a special training session as part of the RV University program leading into the show. Roughly 50 people attended the training session, which covered popular misconceptions of WFCO power products including converters, inverters, and transfer switches. The class went through problems and solutions for the 8700 Series, 8900 Series, 9800 Series, 5100 Series, and T-30/T-57. Other WFCO technologies and resources like three-stage charging, our online dealer toolbox, Power Pros™ program, warranty details, and more were also highlighted.

All attendees walked away with a copy of the WFCO Training Catalog to take back to their dealership. The catalog features robust information on all WFCO products and technologies, FAQs, cross-reference charts, troubleshooting charts, and more. We received great feedback from everyone, which helps us better understand how we can help you better serve your customers.

Feel free to contact us for more information on the NTP EXPO Common Power Products Misconceptions Training, the WFCO Training Catalog, and on how you can get a copy (or a few) for your dealership!