WFCO Rises to the Occasion with Water Pumps

At WFCO, we pride ourselves on doing all we can for our customers. Big or small, we aim to be there for them every step of the way. Recently, some of our OEM customers dealt with a shortage of water pumps- and we were there to help. WFCO was able to step in right away with our Artis water pumps to fill the demand and support the OEMs to avoid any delay.

Within one facility, WFCO Electronics’ power solutions are being engineered and prepped for the market, and the same is being done for Artis Products’ water pumps and accessories. Artis Products, distributed by Arterra Distribution (formerly Cheng USA Inc.), is the leader in the RV industry’s manufacturing, distribution, and service of water pump products.

Artis’ RV-specific water pumps come in three designs, and all feature 12 VDC operation, EPDM valves, and Santoprene diaphragms for long life. Artis water pumps are the quietest in the industry, with a reduced vibration design, and offer home-style flow and pressure to stand up to prolonged RV’er use. Their industrial-grade switch and epoxy-coated corrosion-resistant design help provide a longer lifespan for the pump.

Models of Artis water pumps are all part of the Power Drive Series and include the popular 40 PSI PDS1 RV Fresh Water Pump.

Visit our website to learn more about Artis Products, our water pumps, and how we can help you today.