WFCO provides cross-reference tool for aftermarket replacement of power converters

WFCO Electronics is providing RV dealers and service centers with a handy new cross-reference tool for repairing older RVs with WFCO_44_CROSSOVER_Capture_for releaseoutdated converter components as well as failed converters of any make.  WFCO Electronics offers the widest range of RV power products in the industry, from 12 amp converters for small trailers to 90 to 100 amp converters for large, electronics-laden motorhomes.

“We’ve been a power converter supplier to the RV industry for decades,” said Tom Ryan, WFCO vice president of sales and marketing. “In that time, WFCO has literally seen it all when it comes to RVs and RV converters. That is one reason why we offer such a wide selection — to help RV manufacturers precisely match a particular model’s power needs with an appropriate and economical fit.”

“By the same token, we want to help RV service centers find the most appropriate and easy-to-install WFCO products when it comes to replacing converters, including many obsolete models from RVs that could be decades old,” said Ryan. “Our new cross-reference guide will help technicians find the best WFCO model to replace converters of virtually any RV unit — from the distant past to the present day. With our Power Pros tech support we can also help with any installation challenges they may face.”

All WFCO converter models are designed to be an “easy install” for aftermarket repair. The cross-reference guide is an invaluable tool that will make converter replacement easier and less time consuming, thus saving time and cost for service centers. Dealers can receive the latest WFCO cross-reference chart by contacting the Power Pros click here.