RV Power Wouldn’t be Where it is Today Without WFCO!

WFCO has quietly changed how RVs convert and distribute the electricity that powers the things that make camping enjoyable. For decades, WFCO innovations have helped increase power for RVs, improve efficiency, reduce size and weight, simplify installation, improve signal quality, and much more. Many WFCO firsts have since become industry standards. WFCO continues to innovate and remains dedicated to staying ahead of the competition. Here’s a list of some big and small WFCO firsts. And that’s just the beginning!

1. 3-Stage Charging as Standard Equipment in All Converters

Not long ago, all converters provided only one charging stage. Even today, most other brands of converters are still single-stage unless you choose the higher-cost option packages. After analyzing the industry’s charging needs, WFCO decided it was important for every RV to have a three-stage charging unit. Every converter we offer today is three-stage: Normal, Quick, and Trickle Charge.

2. High-Temperature Plastic Power Centers and ac/dc Distribution Panels

Every one of these WFCO products now has a lightweight plastic casing. WFCO introduced this innovation when cumbersome metal casings were the norm, primarily to increase design flexibility for improved installation characteristics.

3. Zero Clearance Power Center Designs

For more than five years, every new WFCO power center has featured front venting and zero need for space behind the unit for air-flow cooling. The result is easier installation and greater floorplan design flexibility for RV manufacturers.

4. 65 and 75 amp Power Centers

Before WFCO introduced these integrated units, RV manufacturers only had two-piece unit choices for their high amp power needs in RVs with 30 amp ac service.

5. LED Blown Fuse Indicator

Not long ago, RV owners and service technicians could not easily see which fuse was blown. WFCO’s simple LED innovation makes diagnosis quick and easy.

6. View the Window in the Door

We figured it wasn’t enough to add LED indicators; you also have to be able to see them when the door is closed. Today, unlike other brands, almost every WFCO product has a window for easy circuit problem detection.

7. Two or Three 30 Amp DC Fuse Positions

With abundant slide-outs in RVs, WFCO spotted the need for direct 30 amp wiring to power slide-out motors. So, we added 30 amp fuse positions in the dc fuse panels allowing manufacturers to connect slide-out motors directly to the dc fuse panel.

8. 150 Amp Rated 12 Volt Fuse Board

Nobody else offers the high-quality fuse board needed to support extensive dc systems.

9. EZ Thumb Latch On Fuse Panel

Eliminates fiddly screws, making removal and replacement of the fuse panel easy and fast for installation or service.

10. Steel Reinforced Mounting Holes

Every WFCO Power Center and Distribution Panel has steel inserts on every mounting hole, preventing the cracking of mounting flanges when installing products on production lines or in service centers.

11. Built-in Strain Relief System

The National Electric Code requires strain relief for ac wiring entering the power converter. WFCO was the first to provide standard, built-in strain relief, reducing the cost and time needed for installers to add secondary strain relief systems.

12. 100 Amp Deck Mount Converter

Quite simply, WFCO supplies the only 100 amp deck mount available today.

13. 35 and 40 amp Power Centers

When we introduced the 35 and 40 amp Power Centers, they significantly reduced the footprint needed compared to other 35 to 55 amp products on the market. They were also designed with dc wire pigtails to help with installation.

14. Eleven 12 Volt DC Branch Circuits

When other brands were offering only nine branch circuits, WFCO invested in eleven to better serve the increasing circuit needs of contemporary RVs.

15. Three-Position LED Operation Indicator Lights on 100 amp Deck Mount

More information is available to the RV owner: a green LED means everything’s good, flickering amber is a close-to-overload situation, and red indicates the unit is overloaded.

16. Power Factor Correction on 100 Amp Deck Mount

A unique advanced feature first introduced on the 100 amp unit, this converter drops input power requirement by approx—30%, saving electric power. Less wasted energy saves money and is greener for the environment.

17. Power Factor Correction on 9960 and 9990 Power Centers

Newer WFCO Power Centers also feature this power-saving innovation as standard equipment.

18. Push Button Bulk Mode

This is another WFCO first that makes the 100 amp Deck Mount the most advanced converter in its class. RVers can choose Bulk Mode when desired with this unique feature.

19. 180 Degree Door Latching Capability on 50 amp Transfer Switch

A simple but practical exclusive feature. Mount the Transfer Switch with cables at the top, or turn it over and run the wires out the bottom- whichever is most convenient for installation. Then, snap in the door so the label is the right way up for reading—no worry about the label being upside-down.

20. Gel Cell Battery Switch Option

Yet another innovation on the 100 amp Deck Mount, this feature allows RVers to use Gel Cell batteries if desired. Flip over to the Gel Cell mode to supply the charging voltages appropriate for Gel Cell batteries.

21. Reverse Polarity LED Indicator

A new feature on the WF-8500 Series advises the customer and service center of a faulty battery connection.

22. Input AC Voltage LED Status Indicators

This feature gives customers even more information at their fingertips by warning them if their ac input voltage is too high or too low.

23. High Voltage Shutdown

WFCO takes extra measures to ensure its customers’ and products’ safety. This feature provides ac circuits, appliance, and device protection.

24. Three 30 Amp DC Circuits

The WF-8500 Series also features three 30 Amp DC circuits on the DC fuse panel containing 13 circuits.

25. Three DC Circuit Connection Options

Three different DC circuit connection options are available on the WF-8500 Series: Screw Terminal, Quick Disconnect Terminal, or Wire Pigtail Connections.

To learn more about our products through video, click here. For any WFCO resources, tools, and information on our products, email support@wfcoelectronics.com with your request, or click here to download the WFCO Product Catalog.