WFCO Expands Growing List of Industry Firsts

WFCO has been well known over the years for our list of 20 Industry Firsts that came as a result of our constant innovation. This list ranges from 3-Stage Charging to Zero Clearance, to LED Fuse Indicators to a range of 35-75 Amp Power Centers. While we’re proud of these accomplishments, WFCO continues to innovate and remains dedicated to staying a step ahead of the competition. Here’s 5 more of our recent innovations to add to our growing list of Industry Firsts!

  1. Reverse Polarity LED Indicator

A new feature on the WF-8500 Series that advises the customer and/or service center of a faulty battery connection.

  1. Input AC Voltage LED Status Indicators

This feature provides customers with even more information right at their fingertips by warning them if their AC input voltage is either           too high or too low.

  1. High Voltage Shutdown

WFCO takes extra measures to ensure the safety of both their customers and their products. This feature provides AC circuits, appliance, and device protection.

  1. Three 30 Amp DC Circuits

The WF-8500 Series also features three 30 Amp DC circuits on the DC fuse panel containing a total of 13 circuits.

  1. Three DC Circuit Connection Options

Three different DC circuit connection options are available on the WF-8500 Series: Screw Terminal, Quick Disconnect Terminal, or Wire Pigtail Connections.

To learn more about our recent innovations and to view the full list of our Industry Firsts, visit our website here.