WFCO Electronics to Offer Lithium-Ion Solution Options

ELKHART, Ind. – As the leading power supplier to the RV industry, WFCO’s lineup would not be complete without supporting lithium-ion batteries. The Lithium-Ion Solution is comprised of three options, designed for easy installation and use in both the OEM and the Aftermarket and can safely charge any lithium-ion battery. The lithium options are outlined below: 

1. Use any existing WFCO power center or converter to safely charge your lithium batteries. Our standard products will charge your lithium-ion battery, without damage or excessive heat so you will not have to worry about where your power supply will be coming from. The following products are lithium-ion compatible:

  • WF-8500 Series
  • WF-8900 Series
  • WF-9500 Series
  • WF-9800 Series
  • WF-9900 Series
  • WF-8900-MBA Series
  • WF-8900-REP Series
  • WF-68100 Series

2. Tailored specifically to lithium-ion batteries, take advantage of our lithium chargers: WF-8950L2PEC, WF-8950L2-REP, WF-8950L2-MBA, & WF-9850L2. These chargers will replace energy back into the lithium-ion battery to 100%, while using multi-stage charging processes. This ensures a safe operating voltage for all loads and assures the lithium cells inside the batteries remain balanced.

3. Finally, upgrade to our Lithium Switch products: WF-8900LiS Series & WF-9500LiS Series. The Lithium Switch allows customers the versatility to change charging modes between lead-acid and lithium batteries by simply hitting a switch. Easy to use, this Lithium Switch provides a convenient, cheaper, long-term option that eliminates the hassle of swapping out a whole unit.

“At WFCO, our goal is always to be here for our customers today to meet tomorrow’s needs, and that is exactly what we’re doing by introducing our new Lithium-Ion Solution,” says Rich Dotson, President of Arterra Distribution. “We see value in providing our customers with options to choose what best fits their lithium need at this time.”

To learn more about WFCO’s Lithium-Ion Solution, visit If you’re interested in a specific lithium product, please visit our Products page or give our Power Pros a call at 877-294-8997 today!


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