WFCO Electronics Now Offering WAGO Connectors

ELKHART, Ind. — At WFCO, we’re always trying to find new ways to help make customers’ jobs easier. The new WAGO connectors located on our power center fuse boards do just that.

Our newest feature overcomes the simple and common problem of improper wire hook up during installation. The WAGO connectors crimp the wires themselves with spring pressure instead of screws, resulting in quicker installation and more accurate connections. Additionally, the WAGO connectors eliminate the need to check torque settings. This reduces the number of tools needed and the amount of damage during installation, while simultaneously lowers the potential for a repair.

There are numerous types of WAGO Connectors, but we chose the PCB terminal strips with lever-actuated Push-in CAGE CLAMP ® connection due to its many benefits:

  • Tool-free operation
  • Ability to open several clamping units at once
  • Ability to perform testing parallel and perpendicular to conductor entry
  • Shorter wiring times, reducing labor costs
  • Maintenance-free connections, providing long-term savings
  • Safe to use in harsh environments; corrosion resistant
  • Compatible with any type of wire
  • High resistance to vibration and shock, with no wire damage or break in contact

“The WAGO Connectors are a huge benefit to our customers,” says Rich Dotson, President of Arterra Distribution. “The ease of installation combined with hassle-free maintenance will make their jobs that much easier when installing WFCO products.”

You can find the new WAGO connectors on the following WFCO products:

  • WF-8930/50
  • WF-8900 Series: WF-8935, WF-8945, WF-8955, WF-8965, WF-8975
  • WF-9500 Series: WF-9560, WF-9580

To learn more about the benefits of WAGO connectors, visit or reach out to our Power Pros at 877-294-8997 today!


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