WFCO Electronics Offers Lithium-Ion Products

As part of WFCO’s continued commitment to providing the RV industry with leading power solutions, the company is introducing WFCO’s multi-stage lithium-ion converter and replacement main board. The lithium-ion products are designed for easy installation and use in the OEM and the Aftermarket and can charge any lithium-ion battery.

The WF-9850L2 is the first multi-stage lithium-ion converter charger from WFCO. This stand-alone power converter is designed to power the RVs lights and appliances while charging lithium iron phosphate (or lithium-ion) deep-cycle batteries. Additionally, the WF-9850L2 ensures a safe operating voltage for all RV lights and appliances, increasing their longevity by not stressing them beyond their limits.

Our WF-8950L2-MBA is a quick replacement main board for all WF-8900 Series power centers. This product is also optimized to safely charge deep-cycle lithium iron phosphate batteries while powering the RVs lights and appliances. It installs easily with only two screws, three AC, and two DC wires. With no need to rewire, installation is only 10 minutes!

Both the WF-9850L2 and WF-8950L2-MBA use multi-stage charging processes to ensure a safe operating voltage for all loads, replace energy back into the lithium-ion battery, and assure the lithium cells inside the batteries remain balanced.


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