WFCO Conducts Customer Survey

At WFCO, we’re always interested in what our customers have to say and how we can better help. With this in mind, we conducted a customer survey at the NTP-Stag Expo last month for customers who were willing to provide feedback.

Out of 36 dealerships, 100% stated that they have sold WFCO products to their customers in 2017. When asked the question, “How would you describe WFCO Products?” an overwhelming majority of the respondents stated that they were satisfied with WFCO’s products and their quality and would stand behind the company.

In addition, we asked the dealerships about whether or not they’ve received training by a WFCO sales associate, and if so, how they would rate the training. While only 3 dealerships had received training thus far, they each gave high ratings at an average of 9.3 (out of 10). Out of the remaining 33 dealerships that had not yet received training, 79% stated that they would in fact like to receive WFCO product training.

If you missed us at NTP, but have feedback of your own, please feel free to give us a call at 877-294-8997. Additionally, if you know of any dealerships that may also interested in training, please have them visit our website and fill out the form today!