WFCO Certifies 35 Dealers At Training Program

WFCO Electronics, the power supplier to the RV Industry, has certified 35 dealers, distributors, and technicians as WFCO Power Ambassadors through its training program since its inception in June 2017.

The Power Ambassador Program aims to provide in-depth training to WFCO dealer technicians and distributor sales personnel, so they are well-versed in WFCO products. Those ambassadors can better sell, service, and troubleshoot WFCO products.

“We want to make sure our customers are getting the best service and are connected to those products that suit their needs,” Rich Dotson, President of WFCO, said. “We developed the program so dealerships and technicians can better use WFCO products to their advantage, whether selling to a customer or troubleshooting a problem. So far, the feedback has been very positive.”

The training is broken into two parts: sales and technical training. The sales training covers product features and benefits, WFCO distributors and RV OEMs, available support resources, and technical support. The specialized training covers in-depth product specs, common misconceptions, issues & solutions, support resources, and technical support.

Once the training session is complete, a test is administered to certify the individual as a WFCO Power Ambassador. A dealership can also be certified if all its technicians take and pass the test (if three or fewer) or if 75% of the technicians take and pass the test (if four or more). Once certified, the Power Ambassador receives a certificate and gift in either a travel mug (sales) or a t-shirt (technical). The authorized dealership gets a certificate, recognition online, and a branded WFCO Power Ambassador logo.

WFCO would like to recognize those individuals who recently became Power Ambassadors:

Wisconsin RV World

–        Gerald Hartman (Technical)

–        Gerald Hartman (Sales)

–        Tiffany Timmerman (Sales)

Redneck Trailer Supplies

–        Amado Jaime Fernandez (Sales)

–        Patricia Morales-Armendariz (Sales)

–        Jack Hix (Sales)

–        Daniel Anthony Palomo (Sales)

–        Fatima Garcilazo (Sales)

–        Thomas Rabara (Sales)

–        Jordan French (Sales)

–        Manuel Gamboa (Sales)

Tacoma RV

–        Charles Fesler (Sales)

Auburn-Kent RV

–        Tamara Shoemaker (Sales)

Cody Talbert Distribution

–        Amy Payne (Sales)

–        Ashley Farmer (Sales)

Valley RV Supercenter

–        Leslie Smith (Sales)

Poulsbo RV

–        Paul Chittum (Sales)

–        Ron Robinson (Sales)

–        Lynn Jackson (Sales)

Dream Chasers RV of Burlington

–        Lance Wilder (Sales)

Apache Camping Center

–        Kevin Lee (Sales)

–        Cody Huhman (Sales)

Blade RV

–        Wayne Sewell (Sales)

RV Marine Supply by Cascade LLC

–        Louise E Alexander- Way (Sales)

Roy Robinson Chevrolet/RV

–        Marti Olson (Sales)

Russ Dean Family RV

–        Marvin Clark (Sales)

Canopy Country RV Center

–        Andy Barthol (Sales)

Broadmoor RV

–        Lez Stetson (Sales)

Curtis Trailers

–        Rick Humphrey (Sales)

Blue Dog RV

–        Oscar Ingold (Sales)

–        Taylor Shea (Sales)

R-N-R RV Center

–        Mike Duncan (Sales)

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