WF-8955-REP: The ideal replacement for specified Magnatek and Parallax power sections.

Typically, when an RV service center discovers that a customer needs a new converter, the center will try to replace it with the same model from the same company. But why not guide your customer to a better product that serves the customer well and can also enhance the dealership’s revenue?

8955rep-screen-shotWFCO’s WF-8955-REP converter is the perfect replacement for obsolete Magnetek and Parallax power centers with removable lower portions. The 8955REP converter is built for easy installation, and a new video in the WFCO Dealer Toolbox shows how simple this upgrade is for technicians. Installing this converter will allow power centers to perform at a higher level, sometimes upgrading from a single charger to a three-stage charging powerhouse.

CrossRef-thirdarticleThe WFCO cross-reference guide quickly checks what corresponding WFCO products are available to replace the old converter or power center. This allows you to move your customer into a WFCO product that excels in durability and functionality and provides benefits not available when replacing the converter.

The main point is that you can suggest a better replacement to benefit the customer, making their RV experience easier and more enjoyable while also providing your dealership with a revenue-enhancing opportunity.

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