WF-8500 Series Gains Customers

WFCO’S innovative WF-8500 Series power center has customers turning heads because it’s the most advanced and smallest power center available and because it’s designed to save time in the installation process. The small, lightweight package also provides tremendous design flexibility, ease of handling, and reduced space needs. These are just a few reasons for its success at the OEM level.

The 8500’s cooling system requires zero clearance for ventilation, and it has a minimal footprint, thus increasing useable space for RV manufacturers to install other amenities. It is offered in 40-amp and 60-amp models.

Three electrical connection modes are offered for easy dc installation, matching those favored by RV manufacturers — either screw terminals, QuickConnect flag terminals, or wire pigtails. An exceptional range of 13 dc circuits, three rated 30 amps, enables manufacturers to install more circuits for greater design flexibility.

LED light indicators glow in a three-color code system to provide instant information to technicians and owners about dead circuits, reverse battery polarity, and bulk mode operation. LED lights also indicate whether incoming ac voltage is low, normal, or high, and each of the 13 dc fuse circuits contains a red LED light to indicate a blown fuse.

The 8500 Power Center Series also provides several other protective features, such as:

  • An automatic two-speed, load-controlled cooling fan. Unlike traditional temperature-controlled fans, the 8500’s load-controlled fan provides improved cooling by avoiding temperature spikes, leading to premature component failure.
  • The unit will automatically shut down to protect it from excessive heat damage if the converter’s temperature exceeds a certain point.
  • The Electric Current Limiting feature will automatically shut down the converter during an overload or short circuit conditions until the specific condition is corrected.

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