WF-5110R Inverter with Reverse Polarity Protection

WF-5110R Inverter with Reverse Polarity Protection – WFCO is proud to introduce the WF-5110R power inverter, the most recent upgrade to the WF-5110HP. Our newest Inverter overcomes the simple and common problem of improper hook-up between the Inverter and batteries during installation or service. The WF-5110R Interter has been equipped with reverse polarity protection to safeguard the batteries, Inverter, and other coach electronics if the batteries are connected to the Inverter backward.

Typically, when a battery is connected, and the polarity is reversed from what it should be, the electrical system becomes damaged, which is very costly. The WF-5110R Inverter has built-in reverse polarity protection. When the battery is connected incorrectly, nothing will become damaged, the technician can reconnect the battery correctly, and everything will work as it should.

With over a decade of inverter manufacturing, WFCO knows what is important. Reverse polarity protection is just one example of this understanding. We are proud to offer this in addition to our many other customer-friendly features:

·       Improved Conversion Efficiency

·       Auto Shut Down when Batteries are Low

·       LCD Message Screen and Status Indicators, with Remote Control

·       Built-In Circuit Protection on the dc Side

·       Pure Sine Wave Output

Arterra Distribution is the RV division of the WFCO group and is a family-owned company that has been providing technologically advanced and innovative quality power products for more than 40 years. To learn more about the WF-5110R and all that WFCO offers, visit today!

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