We’ve done the testing: WFCO units provide clean electric power

At WFCO we understand how important it is to have clean electric power and how “dirty electric power” can create noise in electronics Clean signal#1shutterstockthat you can hear in sound systems and see on TVs. Fans and motors, which are numerous in RVs, can also feed “bad noise” back into an RV’s electrical system, which can affect other appliances.

WFCO converters, however, take in 115VAC, 60 Hz power and our advanced design filters out noise, ripples and spikes as the AC voltage is converted to DC. WFCO’s High Frequency switching technology removes 60Hz AC ripple from the output line resulting in clean and smooth DC power.

In lab tests we’ve conducted using WFCO and other kinds of power converters, WFCO products have proven to have the lowest noise level

With WFCO, you can count on clean DC power to provide peak electrical performance with all of your electronics and appliances. To contact our Power Pros with any questions you may have about WFCO Clean Power, please call 1-877-294-8997.