Water Pump Webinars

During the January NTP Stag Expo in Anaheim, CA, WFCO featured a special Artis Products water pump promotion.  Artis Products, by Arterra Distribution (the RV Division of the WFCO Group), is the leader in the RV industry’s manufacturing, distribution, and service of water pump products. The promotion allowed customers to qualify for RVIA water pump training if they purchased the maximum quantity of Artis pumps. Dealers who purchased from either the second or the top tier also received Artis water pump shelf talkers for their dealerships.

The pump training took place last month in two different sessions, one on April 5th & one on April 26th, in webinar format. It covered essential water pump operations, possible issues, and solutions. Sanitization, winterization, how to replace a pump, the importance of filters, and more were also highlighted. If you missed the webinar, click here to view it!

Artis’ RV-specific water pumps come in three designs, and all feature 12 VDC operation, EPDM valves, and Santoprene diaphragms for long life. Artis water pumps are the quietest in the industry, with a reduced vibration design, and offer home-style flow and pressure to stand up to prolonged RV’er use. Their industrial-grade switch and epoxy-coated corrosion-resistant design help provide a longer lifespan for the pump.

Models of Artis water pumps are all part of the Power Drive Series and include the 40 PSI PDS1 RV Fresh Water Pump, the PDS3B RV Fresh Water Pump featuring 60 PSI, and the PDS5B RV Fresh Water Pump with 70 PSI and Flow Control Technology.

To learn more about Artis Products, head to www.artisproducts.com, and to see more helpful videos, subscribe to our YouTube page!