Transfer Switches

WFCO Electronics’ dedication to continuous improvement has resulted in transfer switch models that are easier and quicker to install while also being highly effective in providing the safe transfer of power and preventing damage to the RV’s electrical system.

WFCO’s current models are the T-57 (50 amp output; 120/240 V ac, 60 Hz input) and the T-30 (30 Amp output; 120 V ac, 60 Hz input). The T-57 model offers installer-friendly features such as an easy-access terminal bar with each lug labeled so technicians can quickly identify the particular lug’s purpose. WFCO has reduced the T-57’s weight by replacing the typical metal housing with a plastic housing that’s easier for the installer to handle. The high temperature-rated plastic enables a quick snap-on and pull-off cover instead of fiddling with screws. Easy knock-outs further speed up installation.

The T-30 can also be installed quickly and easily onto the back of the WFCO 8900 Series power centers, and the T-30WM can be mounted on any vertical or horizontal surface.

WFCO transfer switches are engineered for silent, safe, and reliable performance. Each utilizes dc coil relays that prevent ac “chatter” noise and drop-out in low-voltage conditions. Accidental coupling of power from or to the shoreline and generator is prevented by a “break before make” configuration. WFCO models prevent crossover and “arcing” and feature a 30-second delay to allow the generator to complete diagnostics and get up to speed, which avoids damage from power surges. A “pass-through” feature always makes shore power available.

We have listened to what technicians say and continually improved our lineup of transfer switches to help installers. In terms of performance, our models have become better and safer than ever for RV electrical systems. For more about transfer switches and other WFCO products, visit

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