Total vertical integration makes WFCO a leader in quality, service and cost

WFCO’s vertical integration puts us in the unique position to be your best power equipment supplier in terms of quality, service and cost. WFCO has control of the entire supply Vertical Integration shutterstockchain required for our production needs, from the manufacture of components to assembly, and the distribution of the complete unit. Because we manufacture our own products, we are not subject to the unexpected changes in components, materials or quality that can surprise other manufacturers and frustrate their customers.

Vertical integrations include control of our inventory, where we maintain a constant 45-day supply and deliver with our own trucks, which enables emergency deliveries and programs such as recycling of old pallets and packaging.

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Total vertical integration allows WFCO to have control of quality, consistency and delivery at every step of the manufacturing process, resulting in unmatched reliability, with warranty claims of less than one percent. This is one important reason why engineers favor WFCO products in more than 80 percent of RVs built today.

Accordingly, this large volume, along with the elimination of supplier markups through vertical integration, allows us to give you the best quality at the best price, with the best service, and best value of any power product on the market.

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