Three ways to get your installation right

Three ways to install right21. Have the right tools ready

If you have everything you will regularly need on hand for the installation of a WFCO product when you start the job, it will go faster and smoother. Here’s what you should have:

  • Multimeter
  • Screwdrivers, Phillips, and flathead
  • Allen wrenches (hex keys); a 7/16 Allen wrench needed for WFCO products
  • Wire stripper
  • Torque wrench and screwdriver

Keynote: Most people don’t have a torque wrench, but measuring the torque when tightening the electrical connections is essential. Over torque can be as bad as under torque. Click here for a handy torque chart.


2. Strip the right amount of insulation from all wires.

The right amount will depend on the size and type of lugs used on the converter/distribution panel. Stripping too much insulation can create an opportunity for a short circuit. If you don’t strip enough and push the wire into the lug too far, the lug might tighten on the insulation instead of the wire core, so no electric connection is made.


3. Do it right the first time

Take time to think the job through. Slow down a little to ensure you get everything right the first time. That is better than losing more time in redoing something. Here are some tips on ˝getting it right.˝

  • If the converter’s pigtail on the Black power lead is not used, keep it capped.
  • Make sure there are no frayed wires that could short to surrounding terminals.
  • Properly torque the screws on the lugs and bus bars.
  • Make sure battery connections are the correct polarity: plus to plus and negative to negative.
  • The fuse and AC circuit breaker size must match the wire size, not the current draw on that particular circuit.
  • Dual circuit breakers can be used if not enough AC circuits are available when using single breakers.
  • If mounting a 9800 Series converter in a vertical position, mount it with the intake fan pointing down.
  • When installing a Power Center, do not mount it behind a door or in any way that will block the front panel air vents.

pwlogo2And one more thing 

Always keep the Power Pros support line phone number handy call 877-294-8997 Ext. 1. We’ll always have an answer within 24 hours, if not much sooner.