Three stages are all you need in a converter


Base 50

Three stage charging protects batteries.

WFCO’s automatic three-stage converter handles every charging need for the RV while extending the battery’s life. In fact, well-maintained batteries should never need more than WFCO’s two-stage (Normal and Trickle) charging modes. Our Fast Charge third stage (Bulk) is for the rare times a battery needs extra-power charging.

The WFCO Normal (Absorption) Mode alone is a powerhouse, capable of charging a fully-discharged battery in under three hours at 13.6 volts. When the RV is being used, the battery is kept readily charged in Normal Mode.

However, if the converter detects no significant variation in current draw for approximately 44 continuous hours, our Trickle (Float) Mode automatically kicks in and brings the battery back to full charge. Maintaining full charging in this manner helps prevent stratification of the battery’s fluids, which can reduce the battery’s charge and longevity.

For those cases when the battery charge drops significantly due to prolonged disuse, poor maintenance, or by significantly heavy system overloads, our 14.4 volt Fast Charge (Bulk) Mode kicks in. Our Fast Charge provides a maximum four-hour charge in order to prevent battery damage. This maximum time feature has been implemented to protect and extend the life of the battery.

The problem with overcharging a battery is that it tends to convert the water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen gasses, which can deplete the water and leave a strong acid solution, possibly damaging the battery. WFCO’s smart engineering makes Normal and Trickle the only charging modes the RV battery should ever require when it’s properly maintained.

If you have questions about 3-stage charging or concerns about over charging, please contact the Power Pros, call: 1-877-294-8997 Ext. 1.