Three-Stage Charging is all your Customers Need

Over the years, we have seen much misinformation and poor advice communicated through various media, blogs, forums, and even converter manufacturers regarding the best way to charge and manage RV batteries. We have invested considerable time and effort in analyzing the best possible regimen for battery charging and “good battery health.” Ultimately, the best process is simple and does not need to be complicated by unneeded charging stages. Following is an overview of the three-stage charging developed by the WFCO Power Pros™ team.

3-Stage-charging WFCO’s Battery Guardian™ automatic three-stage converter, standard for all WFCO products, handles every charging need for the RV while serving to extend the battery’s life. Well-maintained batteries should never need more than WFCO’s two-stage (Normal and Trickle) charging modes. Our third stage (Bulk) is for the rare times a battery needs extra power charging.

The WFCO Normal (Absorption) Mode alone is a powerhouse capable of charging a fully discharged battery in under three hours at 13.6 Volts. When the RV is used, the battery is readily charged in Normal Mode.

However, suppose the converter detects no significant variation in the current draw for approximately 44 continuous hours. In that case, our Trickle (Float) Mode automatically kicks in and brings the battery back to full charge. Maintaining complete charging helps prevent stratification of the battery’s fluids.

For those cases when the battery charge drops significantly due to prolonged disuse, poor maintenance, or very heavy system overloads, our 14.4 Volt Charge (Bulk) Mode kicks in. This charging mode delivers a maximum four-hour charge to prevent battery damage and extend the battery’s life.

So be assured, when installing any WFCO converter or featuring RVs on your lot equipped with a WFCO converter or power center, your customers are getting the best battery charging care available.

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