1. Proven Reliability and High Quality
Used in over 80% of today’s RVs, WFCO’s exceptionally reliable converters are trusted by OEM engineers four times more than all other brands combined. Components and circuits are quality tested at critical stages of manufacturing, resulting in zero faults at final 4-hour burn-in test. It is a product of unmatched reliability, with warranty claims well under one percent.

2. More for Your Dollar Always
WFCO is a vertically integrated company, which enables us to provide quality control at every supply chain level while also achieving cost reductions due to lack of supplier markups and volume efficiencies. This enables WFCO to provide quality products and superior support at costs equal or lower than other brands.

3. Best Supplier Partner
WFCO is a family-owned American company, based in California with it’s North American distribution warehouse based in Elkhart, close to most of our customers. We have invested in 55,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and a 45-day inventory, which allows us to handle every order expeditiously, including emergency and same-day delivery so your production line never has to wait for a WFCO product. Our Power Pro team, with over 50 years combined experience, supports OEMs with in-plant installation support and expert resources. We are customer-focused, not stockholder-focused, and provide expert help in every way our customers need it.

4. The Installers’ Friend
All products are designed with the installer in mind. Easy and proper installation is a major focus of our product design, which also reduces the possibility for error in the manufacturing process.

5. Advancing RV Power Supplies
WFCO develops innovations that become industry standards…CLICK HERE for 20 WFCO Firsts. We are the only supplier with the resources to offer solutions for every RV need, including lower volume niche products. Companies can have confidence in WFCO as the best total solution to their power needs; that it is a company that takes care of its customers, that it will keep up with future challenges, and will absolutely give them the most for their money.

6. The RV Industry’s Electric Authority
WFCO has 40 years of power products experience. This is what we do. We helped develop the RV industry’s codes and standards. That kind of background helps us improve product design for ease of use, better reliability, and better performance.