8500 Series makes installation easier

WFCO’S innovative new WF-8500 Series power center is the most advanced and smallest power center available, but it is also designed to save time in the installation process. The small, lightweight package also provides tremendous design flexibility, ease of handling, and reduced space needs.

BIG_IDEAS_GRAPHIC_2The 8500 Series comes in 40, 50, and 60 Amp models. Its small and light configuration makes it easier to handle on the assembly line and allows it to fit into a greater variety of floor plan designs. This flexibility is enhanced with an exceptional range of 13 DC circuits, three of which are rated 30 Amps.

To further facilitate installation, the 8500 Series optionally offers three types of connections for DC circuits, allowing each manufacturer to use their preferred style. These include regular screw connectors, Quick Connect terminals, where flag connectors may be used for simple positive connections, and pre-wired pigtails that are routed out the back of the power center. Each pigtail wire is labeled with the circuit number, so the installer doesn’t need to see or touch the circuit board. Installers simply route the wires to the back of the power center and connect them to the appropriate pigtails.

Metal reinforced mounting holes make the power center installation quick and easy without concern for cracking mounting flanges. The back of the power center has built-in strain relief devices for the AC wiring, saving time.

The 8500 Series is also designed with a new system of LED lights that indicate high, low, or normal input voltage and indicate if the converter is in bulk mode or connected in reverse polarity to the battery.

This all adds up to a new range of possibilities for manufacturers and RVers.

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