Select the Right Replacement with Our Cross Reference Guide

WFCO’s cross reference guide allows you to find a replacement solution for just about any obsolete or current converter you might bump into, while simultaneously upgrading your converter to WFCO’s Battery Guardian technology. Testing of this technology, among other things, has shown that a completelyCrossRef-thirdarticle discharged battery (11.9 VDC) connected to a WFCO converter in Absorption Mode with an output of 13.6 VDC and a 20 amp lighting load converter connection, will completely charge the battery (12.7 VDC) in fewer than three hours.

The WFCO cross reference guide is the authoritative source for replacing almost any converter brand used in an RV with an advanced WFCO product. This valuable guide is now available by either contacting the WFCO Power Pros toll-free at 1-877-294-8997 or by requesting one on the website by clicking here.