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The dedication of our Power Pros™ team goes beyond answering phone calls and questions; they take every step necessary to ensure WFCO products are installed properly and operating at the highest level.

WFCO’s Power Pros™ perform line audits every day, using and testing products on OEM production lines to make sure line workers are installing and using WFCO products properly. Line audits also test the right torques, gauge wire for AC and DC, and the proper overall wiring assembly. We help you find better, quicker, more efficient ways to install our products. Load audits and energy audits are also part of this process to ensure manufacturers are not overloading their systems and are effectively using our products to save energy.

We take products back to our lab if further testing is needed. Our location, within an hour’s drive of many of our customers, ensures rapid service capabilities and emergency runs with products to help a manufacturer with an unexpected need. In short, we work with RV manufacturers to develop the products and processes they need. We also assist with manufacturer requirements to augment or design new features to make their products better.

It’s this kind of initiative, foresight, and knowledge that makes WFCO the most trusted electrical supplier in the RV industry. Fill out our audit request form today to schedule your audit or call the Power Pros™ at 1-877-294-8997.