Product Description


The WF-9580 model provides 80 Amps and a clean, constant 13.6 VDC nominal output for reliable operation of electronics and appliances. Automatic three-stage charging extends the life of your battery with output voltage modes of 13.2 VDC range “float” mode, 13.6 VDC range “absorption” mode, and a 14.4 VDC range “bulk” charge mode. The 9500 Series also maintains peace and quiet, as the cooling fan runs only when needed.

Exclusive choice of three DC circuit connection modes – Quick Connect Terminals, Screw Terminals, or Wire Pigtails – allows installers to select their preferred wiring connection for speed and ease of installation. Additionally, the 9500 Series features a zero-clearance, front ventilation system so there is no wasted space around the unit.

Every model is designed to comply with FCC Class B, which means that the converters do not cause interference with televisions, radios, or other signals. The 9580 model also brings you the convenience of built-in AC and DC distribution. Two 50 Amp main AC breakers and a total of up to twelve AC branch circuits, when using duplex breakers, can be installed. Seventeen DC branch circuits, including three 30 Amp and fourteen 20 Amp, have LED lights that illuminate to indicate open circuits.

Part Numbers: WF-9580-W (Prewired), WF-9580-Q (Quick Disconnect), WF-9580-S-B (Screw Terminals)

Additional Information

Converter Type

Power Center

Input Voltage/Hz

105-130 VAC, 60 Hz

Output Power


Charging Modes

3-stage Intelligent Charge (VRLA/AGM)

Intelligent Charging Stages

Absorption, Bulk, Storage (VRLA/AGM)

Battery Adaptability

AGM, Lead Acid

Voltage Output

13.2 – 14.4V DC Range

Absorption Charge Voltage


Bulk Charge Voltage (4 Hrs.)

14.4 V

Float Mode (Trickle Charge Voltage)

13.2V DC (trickle charge voltage)

Cooling System

2-Fans Zero Clearance

Efficiency (full load)


Overload Protection

Auto recovery on normal load, Current limiting & shutdown

Short Circuit Protection

Auto recovery on normal load

Over Temperature Protection

Auto recovery on normal load

Reverse Polarity Protection

Fuse Protected, Replaceable by fuse of same rating

Protection Features

Over Temperature, Overload, Reverse Polarity (fuse), Short Circuit

AC Main Breaker

50 A

AC Circuits (twin breakers)

Two- 50A Mains with up to 12 AC Branch Circuits

Built-in Strain Relief


DC Circuits (Quantity)

17 (3 30A Max & 14 20A Max)

Case Color


Case Material



FCC Class B compliant, UL

Input Current


Input Power



11.96 W x 15.04 H x 10.04 D inch / 304 W x 382 H x 255 D mm



Warranty Period

Two Year Limited Product Warranty

DC Current