POWER CENTERS: WF-9500-AD Power Center Series

Product Description

WF-9500-AD Power Center Series

As Lithium-Ion batteries increase in popularity, WFCO knows that our customers want flexibility. The WF-9500-AD Power Center Series includes an industry-first, Auto-Detect technology. This new microprocessor-driven technology will recognize Lithium-Ion and Lead-Acid battery chemistries and automatically adjust the charging profile to match the battery type. 

No more buttons. No more switches. An accurately charged battery gives RV owners peace of mind. Eliminating the risk of over and under-charging the WF-9500-AD Power Center will maximize your battery life with multi-stage charging and current monitoring in both Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion profiles. 

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Additional Information

Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 11.96 × 15.04 × 10.04 in




Max. input current @ 105VAC

WF-9540 – 8A
WF-9560 – 12A
WF-9580 – 16A

Max. Power

WF-9540 – 685 watt
WF-9560 – 1030 watt
WF-9580 – 1370 watt

Continuous Power

WF-9540 – 545 watt
WF-9560 – 820 watt
WF-9580 – 1090 watt

Rated DC Output Voltage


Rated DC Current

WF-9540 – 40A
WF-9560 – 60A
WF-9580 – 80A

Charging Control

Automatically Controlled by Micro-Processor

Charging Modes

3-Stage Intelligent Charge

Intelligent Charge Mode

Absorption, Bulk and Storage

Bulk Charge Voltage - 4 Hours


Battery Adaptability


Absorption Charge Voltage


Storage Charge Voltage



+/-1% Accuracy against input or load changes

Cooling Fan

Two speed according to the DC load amperage


Current-limiting and shut down; auto recovery upon normal load


Shut down and auto recovery upon normal


Shut down and auto recovery upon normal

Battery Reverse Polarity

Protected by Fuse; same rated fuse replacement required

Mains Rating

Max. 50A / 120VAC


Two-50A Mains with up to 12 AC Brach Circuits

Romex Strain Reliefs

12 Position Romex strain reliefs f AC branch circuits

Standard DC Output Loops

3 x 30 AMP; 12 x 20 AMP max. each

LED on Fuse Board

Total 17 chip-LEDs; Red indicating fuse blown status of loops and reverse polarity; 1 x Amber LED indicating bulk mode on status

Zero Clearance

Special design air cooling duct to avoid heat dissipating into confined space

Dimension. - W x H x D

11.96 x 15.04 x 10.04 inch / 304 x 382 x 255 mm


WF-9540 – 7.71 lbs.
WF-9560 – 7.93 lb.s
WF-9580 – 9.25 lbs.

Environmental Condition

20 – 90% Non-Condensing


UL458 / UL67 Certified; FCC Class B (in compliance)





Voltage Output

Lead Acid – 13.2 – 14.4V DC Range, Lithium-Ion – 13.2 – 14.6 VDC, 13.6 – 14.6 VDC