DISTRIBUTION PANELS: WF-7910 Distribution Panel Series

Product Description

WF-7910 Distribution Panel Series

 WF-7910 | WF-7910-Q | WF-7910-WAGO Distribution Panel Series

The WF-7910 Distribution Panel Series 12 V Power Converter Accessory DOES NOT have a converter installed within the enclosure. Power is supplied to the WF-7910 Distribution Panel Series 12 V Power Converter Accessory from an external converter/charger, WF-9800 Series Converter/Charger, located elsewhere in the RV. That unit will provide Reverse Battery Protection. Consult that converter/charger’s manual for location and replacement instructions. 

The dc fuse board has individual blown fuse indicators as standard equipment. The WF-7910 and WF-7910-Q 12V Distribution Panel Series have 20 dc circuits, and the WF-7910-WAGO 12V Distribution Panel Series has 17 dc circuits. Each of the circuits contains a Red LED to indicate a blown fuse. If one of the circuits draws more current than the rating of the fuse, the fuse will blow. When this occurs, the Red LED for that circuit will illuminate. 

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