WF-5110RS Inverter - WFCO’s 1000-watt WF-5110RS Series inverter delivers outstanding performance for multiple lower-power appliances. WF-5110RS exclusive internal transfer system automatically allows the ac input to bypass the inverter when connected to an ac power source. The automatically resettable Reverse Polarity protects the WF-5110RS should the battery be connected backward. Once the battery connections are corrected, the unit will operate normally. With over a decade of inverter manufacturing, WFCO knows what is essential. Reliability, clean signal, easy installation, and intelligent power management make the WF-5110RS
the best choice RV inverter.


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  • WF-5110RS Inverter

    WF-5110RS Inverter – Output: 120 VAC – Pure Sine Wave, 60 Hz, 1000W – Input: 10-15 dc 

  • WF-5118 Inverter

    WF-5118 Inverter – 1800 W Power Inverter

  • WF-5120 Inverter

    WF-5120 Inverter – 2000 Watt Power Inverter