This deck mount converter charger now includes an industry-first, Patent Pending Auto-Detect technology. This new microprocessor-driven technology will recognize lithium ion and lead acid battery chemistries and automatically adjust the charging profile to match the battery type. Power Factor Correction requires 30% less input, making the WF-68100AD an eco-friendly 12-volt system.
No more buttons. No more switches. RV owners will have the peace of mind that their batteries will be accurately charged, eliminating the risk of over and under-charging. Additionally, battery life will be maximized with multi-stage charging and current monitoring in both lead-acid and lithium-ion profiles.


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  • WF-68100AD Deck Mount Converter Charger Series

    WF-681000AD Deck Mount Converter Charger – Output: 100 amps dc – Input: 105-130 V ac, 60 Hz, 1710 W