It’s late on a Friday. A customer needs a rush energy audit for a new RV design for a looming RV show launch. Our Power Pro is on-site within an hour, working the numbers and meeting the customers’ vital needs. Being within an hour’s drive of most of our customers is essential to this rapid service capability. But more important is that every WFCO Power Pro, in fact, every WFCO employee, lives and breaths the company mantra…treat every customer as part of the family, with service being our priority.

“Family” is a meaningful concept at WFCO. We are a family-owned American company, and every employee and customer is considered a part of that family. It’s a philosophy that is particularly well reflected in the importance of our Power Pro Team.

Power Pro Support for RV Manufacturers
From a practical standpoint, here are a few of the essential services our manufacturing partners enjoy:

  • WFCO Power Pros perform energy audits upon request.
  • WFCO performs line audits daily, using and testing products on OEM production lines to ensure line workers are installing and using WFCO products properly. Line audits are routinely performed for every customer production line. We help you find better, quicker, more efficient ways to install our products. Because our Pros are frequently in OEM plants, they are on hand to answer questions and solve issues before problems occur.
  • WFCO makes emergency runs with products when an OEM finds an unexpected need. This is easy because our 91,525 sq. ft. warehouse is close to most of our customers, and we always maintain a 45-day inventory of all products.
  • Technical Support phone lines are available to all customers. OEMs do not need to wait for a Power Pro to visit.


Power Pro Support for the Aftermarket

  • We know the importance of fast, easy, and effective service/replacement of power equipment when an RV owner needs help. To ensure our dealer service network has all the answers as quickly as possible, our Power Pro technical support team is ready to help. Dealer calls and emails are answered by real people whenever possible, and a fast callback is promised if everyone is busy when you call.
  • WFCO’s Power Pro team supports you with more than 50 years of combined experience. When you call, the Power Pros will not read answers from a book. They know from experience what works, how RVs are built, and the best solutions to common and unusual problems. Our help speeds your job up, which can help reduce your service time and cost.

The Power Pros provide help in every way our customers need; it’s another example of WFCO being customer-focused, not stockholder-focused.

Our Power Pros have a combined 50+ years of technical experience. Most have built and serviced RVs and have a wide range of experiences with engineering and technical support of electrical products, including an RVIA-certified staff technician. You get years of experience giving you real-world advice that works. When you call, the WFCO Pros are not looking for answers in books. When you call, you get an answer right away or a return call within hours.

One of the significant differences at WFCO is that we are committed to distributing our products through Arterra Distributing, allowing total control of the customer service experience, a critical element in our customer-focused business philosophy.

Another critical aspect of WFCO is that we design and manufacture all of our products, which means our Power Pros possess intimate knowledge about every aspect of our products and their usage. Our team understands OEM production lines and the demands on electric system installers. Perhaps more importantly, our team can talk to OEM installers and other personnel in terms they know because of their experience working for RV OEMs. Depth of knowledge and understanding makes them a better resource for RV manufacturers.

Rely on WFCO’s Power Pros; their expertise is integral to what makes WFCO the Heartbeat of Today’s RVs.

To learn more about our products through video, click here. For any WFCO resources, tools, and information on our products, email with your request, or click here to download the WFCO Product Catalog.