New website echoes WFCO’s leadership in power equipment

Have you noticed WFCO’s updated logo? It’s a new design that reflects our recent effort to better communicate who we are as a company. You’ll see that effort reflected in the re-creation of all product literature and packaging. You will also see it in a very big way with our new website and this new newsletter.Article 4

The website contains a host of information about WFCO and our products, some of which you might not know or have even thought about. The website provides an easy-to-search product section with additional information and resources for dealers and OEMs.

Some of what you will find is a growing library of helpful videos, including installation videos to help RV service centers replace converters. There’s an expanded background section about the WFCO organization, including information about our industry leading manufacturing, quality control and customer support initiatives.

You’ll find comprehensive contact information, including an introduction to the WFCO Power Pros Team. This is our group of highly knowledgeable and helpful experts who provide telephone assistance when you have questions, replacement concerns or need advice. Power Pro phone techs have 50 years of combined experience.

Another popular spot should be our Downloads Center, where you can easily find downloadable documents for every WFCO product.

We’ll also list the Shows and Events we are participating in, and there’s an archives section for all WFCO Heartbeat Bulletins.

And this is just the beginning! A lot more helpful information and resources for manufacturers, dealers and RV owners will be posted on a continuous basis. So come and visit often at