Training Catalog & Six Page Brochure

WFCO makes our customers a top priority, and we strive to provide educational and informational resources that make your day much more manageable. We offer an Online Toolbox with helpful resources for our customers and provide print materials to keep handy while working with WFCO products. The WFCO Training Catalog and Six-Page Brochure feature information about our company, product information, support tools, and more! To obtain a copy (or a few) of any WFCO informational resources or tools, email with your request.

Robust Training Catalog

A new asset for all customers to keep on hand, the WFCO Training Catalog includes everything you need to know about WFCO products to sell and service your customers. Detailed product literature, and information about WFCO’s one-of-a-kind technologies, including Battery Guardian™, FAQs, troubleshooting guidance, warranty information, and more, can all be found on the pages of this catalog. It’s a must-have item for anyone carrying or servicing WFCO products!

Six-page Brand Brochure

Find out what makes WFCO the RV industry’s leading power product supplier and why we are trusted four times more than all other electrical suppliers combined in this brand-specific piece. Give your team and customers an overview of WFCO by showcasing this brochure’s pages highlighting our long-trusted reputation, Power Pros™ support team, extensive product line, and more components integral to our success.