Proactive Power Pros Program to Reach out to Customers

Communication and customer support are always top of mind here at WFCO. We must help our customers answer any questions they may have and simultaneously create a solution that helps them achieve their goals. With over 50 years of technical experience and expertise, WFCO can be a great resource to dealers and OEMs, so we’ve initiated a Proactive Power Pros (PPP) program. In this program, WFCO’s Power Pros perform energy and line audits for OEMs to ensure that their products work correctly. They are also on hand to answer customer questions on their support lines.

Our Power Pros help OEMs with various product issues, including performance, efficient installation, feature specification, and model selection. In addition, we have instituted the PPP program to provide outreach technical support for dealers. Our Power Pros are helping to increase the awareness of support tools offered to our customers through our websites, such as product conversion charts, warranty information, and e-newsletter.

Both OEM and Dealer customers appreciate the service provided by the Power Pros and the products offered at WFCO.

We want OEMs and Dealers to know that we are there for them and are paying attention to their needs. Our PPP program proactively engages our customers to let them know we are always there to assist them in whatever they need in every way we can.

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