New main board assembly installation video on website

Our latest video for replacing obsolete and other model converters and Power Centers focuses on using our WF-8955 MBA (Main Board Assembly) to replace the lower section of a Parallax 7100 Series power center. This detailed, Image for obsolete converter articlestep-by-step tutorial will help technicians with tips and logical steps that make for speedy, safe, and accurate installations. Click here to see the video.

WFCO provides several main board assemblies in its 8900 MBA Series and converter replacement kits with its 8900 REP universal converters. These products can be used to replace converters or lower sections of power centers that are defective or obsolete or to help customers add WFCO technology that can provide superior reliability and performance.

More installation videos for the training and support of your technicians will continue to be posted in this section, which is found under the “Support” tab at