New Aftermarket Packaging Showcases Brand Direction

WFCO Electronics has finished rolling out a new aftermarket product packaging design in recent months, with dealerships across the country now displaying the updated brand image for all WFCO products.

“Updating our aftermarket packaging seemed like a natural progression at this stage of our brand image update,” says Rich Dotson, President of Arterra Distribution (RV Division of the WFCO Group). “We have been introducing more modern visuals in all areas of our business to better reflect the leading role WFCO holds in the RV industry, and it’s important to reflect that directly to RV owners through our aftermarket packaging.”

Our new look provides us with an image that is more befitting to the quality of our products. The new packaging design is more visually appealing, and still provides all the necessary information your customers need at the point-of-sale.

While the packaging has gone through some changes, the products themselves will continue to feature the trusted, industry-leading components for which WFCO is known. Additionally, all WFCO products have a dedicated owner’s manual and additional product guides, which can be viewed online, to help your team and your customers understand WFCO’s products inside and out.

More details about WFCO’s product line and support resources can be found online at