Lithium-Ion Converter Coming Soon

wf-9850l-front-adjWFCO has a history of providing RV electrical solutions that the marketplace needs, often well before the demand reaches a peak, and this instance is no exception! As part of WFCO’s continued commitment to providing the RV industry with leading power solutions, we will soon be introducing the industry’s first two-stage Lithium-Ion Converter for RVs. As always, this new converter has been thoroughly tested, verified, and designed with easy installation for both the OEM and Aftermarket spaces in mind. The WF-9850L2 is the first WFCO Lithium-Ion Converter to be introduced, with several other models to follow.

The WFCO two-stage charging system ensures a safe operating voltage for all 12V loads in the RV, quickly replaces energy back into the battery, and assures the lithium iron phosphate cells inside the battery remain balanced.

Unlike other products on the market, which appear to be lithium-ion battery chargers, the WF-9850L2 is primarily a converter designed to power the RV’s real-world loads while also charging lithium iron phosphate batteries.

WFCO makes it a priority to bring the industry’s latest power trends to the forefront, with expertly engineered and well thought out products before anyone else. As the industry moves toward new technologies, we want to make sure that RVs are adequately equipped with the right product to support each new trend. WFCO has done just that for the lithium-ion trend with its new Lithium-Ion Converter. In the aftermarket, RV owners who want to install lithium-ion batteries will need a way to convert and charge those batteries. With the WF-9850L2, dealers will be prepared to meet that need.

Meeting the needs of RV owners, and fitting the lifestyle they lead while traveling, is integral when looking to the future of the RV industry. WFCO’s new Lithium-Ion Converter does just that, which is why we call it “The Lithium-Ion Converter for RVs.”