Library of Installation, Replacement, and Product Videos

WFCO Electronics has a growing online library of installation, replacement, and product videos to help dealers and technicians install WFCO products, and communicate the benefits of those products to their customers, on the WFCO website at

RV dealer service centers are increasingly encountering old, often obsolete brands of converters in RVs that come in the door. Those older products need to be replaced with the newer technology available in WFCO converters and replacement units. Videos are the closest thing to hands-on instruction that we can provide, which is why we felt it would be very helpful to support dealers with clear, detailed videos that show exactly how best to replace those older products.

WFCO Electronics has added three instructional videos to its website that focus on using the WFCO’s WF-9855, WF-8955MBA, and WF-8955REP. These products can be used to replace deck-mounts, converters, or lower sections of power centers that are old, obsolete or defective, and will help customers obtain a WFCO converter section that can provide superior reliability and performance.

WFCO’s WF-9855 deck-mount converter replaces Iota’s DLS-55, Atwood’s ACP-32, and Todd Engineering’s PC-30, while the WF-8955MBA (Main Board Assembly) replaces the converter in the lower section of the Parallax 7100 power center. Finally, WFCO’s WF-8955REP replaces old and obsolete power center converters. The replacement kit used allows technicians to easily upgrade the lower section of existing power centers to WFCO’s powerhouse three-stage charging system, ensuring high-performance for customers’ electrical needs. The kit includes a new DC fuse board and all required fasteners. Click here to view all the videos. These step-by-step tutorials help technicians with tips and logical steps that will make for speedy, safe, and accurate installations.

In addition to the installation and replacement videos, WFCO has added a new EM-15 & EM-20 video that showcases how their new Energy Management Switches work and the benefits associated with them. In essence, the EM-15 and EM-20 allow manufacturers to install more 110V appliances in an RV when the breaker box is already at capacity. The EM switches are safe, efficient and more cost effective than installing a higher amp service.

These videos represent one of many tools WFCO has developed for the selection and installation of its products under the umbrella of its Power Pros team, which provides technical support and training for the installation and maintenance of all WFCO power products. WFCO works tirelessly to meet the needs of service professionals in the RV industry, and we are always looking for ways to help streamline installation and make their day a little easier. These videos are our way of bringing the information directly to those who benefit from it the most. More installation videos and “tools” for the training and support of technicians will continue to be posted under the website’s “Support” tab.