Introducing the PDS5B- Artis’ 5-GPM Water Pump

Artis Products’ 5-GPM water pump, the PDS5B, is the latest addition to the Power Drive Series, joining the 1-GPM PDS1 and 3-GPM PDS3B pumps. The PDS5B is the newest water pump in its lineup of products, with Flow Control Technology that provides steady and consistent water flow with no ON and OFF cycling. The PDS5B is a reliable, robust designed water pump with 70 PSI that delivers water pressure equal to that available in the RV’ers home. 

The PDS5B is made for larger RVs with multiple fixtures. The 5 GPM pump provides faster flow, has 5 valve chambers to pump more water, and features a bigger, more powerful motor than its counterparts. Additional features include thermal and over pressure protection, as well as the pump’s ability to run dry with no damage.

All of Artis’ RV-specific water pumps feature 12 VDC operation, EPDM valves, and Santoprene diaphragms for long life. Artis water pumps are the quietest in the industry, with a reduced vibration design, and offer home style flow and pressure to stand up to prolonged RV’er use. Their industrial grade switch and epoxy-coated corrosion resistant design helps provide a longer lifespan for the pump.

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