Intelligent design: The WF-5110HP inverter … and more

For today’s power needs, our new WF-5110HP inverter is a smart choice. Like it’s WF-5110H predecessor, the WF-5110HP is a pure sine wave inverter, giving you the filtering needed for premium electronics and refrigerators. Additionally, a simple plug and play design makes installation a snap. Just plug it into an AC outlet to connect directly to the RV’s AC system. It will convert DC to AC with DC inputs between 10 to 15 volts, and has a remote control system and built-in circuit protection on the AC side. As a recent upgrade, the WF-5110HP also simplifies and provides certainty on product testing on the RV assembly line.

Other features include an Internal Transfer Switch that allows input to bypass the inverter when the RV is connected to an AC source, either shore power or generator power. So there’s no need to install an external switch. This inverter also protects the battery by automatically shutting down when batteries run low and input is below 10 volts.

Furthermore, the WF-5110HP allows the use of more cost-effective 4-gauge wiring versus 2-gauge wire. With no crimping required, 4-gauge wire connections are also much easier and quicker for installers. Click here to learn more.