Help your customers upgrade to a better converter!

Typically when an RV service center discovers that a customer needs a new converter, the center will try to replace it with the same model from the same company. But why not guide your customer to a better product that can also enhance the dealership’s revenue?

Bat_Guard_ConvrtrsThe WFCO cross-reference guide provides an easy check of what corresponding WFCO products are available to replace the old converter or power center. This gives you an opportunity to move your customer into a WFCO product that excels in durability and functionality, and provides benefits not available in the converter being replaced.

One example of this is that many older converters use a one-stage charging system that does not have a trickle-charging capability. With all WFCO units, the three-stage charging system does have a standard trickle (float) charge function to keep the battery topped up when not in use.

The main point is that you can suggest a better replacement to benefit the customer, making their RV experience easier and more enjoyable, while also providing your dealership with a revenue enhancing opportunity.

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