Dealers can handle power center/converter customers with just four SKUs

WFCO Electronics has developed a stocking recommendation to help RV service centers control inventory costs. While WFCO maintains the widest range of power products in the RV industry to handle every need, the company has looked closely at the day-to-day needs of RV service centers to determine what products they should have in inventory to serve most on-the-go RV owners. The conclusion is that four products will handle most of these replacement needs.

“We did a market survey that showed that, in the majority of cases, it will be one of four products that we offer that provides the solution to many converter/power center issues that customers have,” said Tom Ryan, WFCO vice president of sales and marketing. “Either the product in question is an exact match or an updated version of one of our own products, or one of these four will easily replace or upgrade other current or obsolete brands. We also offer a helpful cross-reference chart to help dealers in these replacement situations.”

“So the dealer only needs to stock four WFCO SKUs for same day service for most customers, regardless of the converter brand found in the customer’s RV,” Ryan continued. “As far as WFCO products go, dealers can keep inventory costs low while still providing quick service for their customers.”

The four products WFCO recommends for aftermarket inventory are:

  • WF-9855 — This 55-amp deck mount converter with 3-stage charging can handle most deck mount replacement needs.
  • WF-8955REP — This universal converter replacement kit can upgrade converter brands that have removable converter sections.
  • WF-8955MBA — This easy-to-install main board assembly replaces the lower section in any WF-8955 Series power center as well as upgrading other selected converter brands.
  • WF-8955PEC — More RVs are equipped with the WF-8955 power center than any other converter or power center models. With this power center in inventory, dealers can satisfy most power center replacement needs.

WFCO has designed all of its converters with 3-stage charging to provide superior performance as standard equipment. For more about WFCO Electronics, its products and its technical and sales support, visit

WFCO is a family-owned company that has been providing technologically advanced and innovative quality power products for more than 40 years. Its products are distributed by Arterra Distribution.