At WFCO, we value our close relationships with our customers. We work closely with them, gaining insight as to how ...
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WFCO converters of every style have become the favored brand for power conversion and electric distribution in the RV industry ...
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Show season is right around the corner, and what better way to kick it off than at the RV Aftermarket ...
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WFCO is proud to introduce the WF-5110R power inverter, the most recent upgrade to the WF-5110HP. Our newest inverter overcomes ...
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WFCO Electronics has a growing online library of installation, replacement, and product videos to help dealers and technicians install WFCO ...
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WFCO makes our customers our top priority, and we strive to provide educational and informational resources that make your day ...
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WFCO Electronics, leading power supplier to the RV Industry, is expanding its converter selection with its new WF-9500 Series Power ...
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WFCO Electronics has a growing online library of installation, replacement, and product videos to help dealers and technicians install WFCO ...
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During the NTP-Stag Expo in Grapevine, TX last month, WFCO held a special training session as part of the RV ...
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At WFCO, we’re always interested in what our customers have to say and how we can better help. With this ...
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WFCO Electronics, power supplier to the RV Industry, has certified 35 dealers, distributors, and technicians as WFCO Power Ambassadors through ...
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WFCO Electronics’ dedication to continuous improvement has resulted in transfer switch models that are easier and quicker to install while ...
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WFCO Electronics has finished rolling out a new aftermarket product packaging design in recent months, with dealerships across the country ...
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WFCO will once again be exhibiting at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, KY, November 28th-30th. Stop by and ...
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At WFCO, we’re always looking for new ways to provide dealerships and technicians with more information and resources on WFCO’s ...
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WFCO Electronics has a growing online library of installation and replacement videos to help dealers and technicians install WFCO products, ...
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WFCO has been well known over the years for our list of 20 Industry Firsts that came as a result ...
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WFCO’s Power Pros™ are always on-hand to help with your technical needs whenever they may arise. Our tech support hotline, ...
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During the NTP Stag Expo in Anaheim, CA in January, WFCO featured a special Artis Products water pump promotion.  Artis ...
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For 40 years WFCO has provided innovative “answers” to challenges faced by manufacturers, dealerships, and RV service centers. The quality, ...
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WFCO makes technicians and dealers our top priority, and we strive to provide educational and informational resources that make your ...
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At WFCO, we're always trying to find ways to keep our customers informed on what's new. With this in mind, ...
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WFCO has a history of providing RV electrical solutions that the marketplace needs, often well before the demand reaches a ...
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Over our 40 years serving the RV industry’s electrical needs, we have seen some common missteps emerge in the installation ...
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Are you running into RV converters that are no longer available? To help you in these situations, our Power Pros™ ...
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During the NTP Stag Expo in Anaheim, CA last month, WFCO held a special training session as part of the ...
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WFCO’s Power Pros™ are always on-hand to help with your technical needs whenever they may arise. Our tech support hotline, ...
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Over the years, we have seen lots of misinformation and poor advice communicated through various media, blogs, forums and even ...
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Typically, when an RV service center discovers that a customer needs a new converter, the center will try to replace ...
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In the coming weeks and months, you will see WFCO products arriving in new packages. Transition will occur over time ...
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Communication and customer support is always top of mind for us here at WFCO. It is extremely important to us ...
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WFCO’s long history with the RV industry allows it to deliver the right replacement converter or power center for just ...
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WFCO’s cross reference guide allows you to find a replacement solution for just about any obsolete or current converter you ...
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Using proper torque is important when making power connections. Connections that are not tight enough can lose or dissipate energy ...
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With sophisticated electronics and appliances becoming standard in new RVs, there is a critical demand for more innovative converters, power centers, ...
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WFCO’s new WF-8500 Series power center is the latest example of WFCO’s leadership in the development of new power center features and flexibility. The 8500 Series is brand new and should start appearing in RVs this year. It’s well worth getting to know this exceptional new product.

The 8500’s cooling system requires zero clearance for ventilation, and it has an exceptionally small footprint, thus increasing useable space for RV manufacturers to install other amenities.

For easy DC installation, a choice of three electrical connection modes are offered, matching those favored by RV manufacturers or dealers — either screw terminals, Quick Connect flag terminals, or wire pigtails. An exceptional range of 13 DC circuits, three of which are rated 30 amps, enables manufacturers to install more circuits for greater design flexibility.

LED light indicators that glow in a three-color code system provide instant information to technicians and owners about dead circuits, reverse battery polarity and bulk mode operation. LED lights also serve to indicate whether incoming AC voltage is low, normal or high, and each of the 13 DC fuse circuits contain a red LED light to indicate a blown fuse.

These and other 8500 Series highlights are raising the bar in power products for RV manufacturers, dealers and consumers. For full details click hereBIG_IDEAS_GRAPHIC_2

Typically when an RV service center discovers that a customer needs a new converter, the center will try to replace it with the same model from the same company. But why not guide your customer to a better product that can also enhance the dealership’s revenue?

Bat_Guard_ConvrtrsThe WFCO cross-reference guide provides an easy check of what corresponding WFCO products are available to replace the old converter or power center. This gives you an opportunity to move your customer into a WFCO product that excels in durability and functionality, and provides benefits not available in the converter being replaced.

One example of this is that many older converters use a one-stage charging system that does not have a trickle-charging capability. With all WFCO units, the three-stage charging system does have a standard trickle (float) charge function to keep the battery topped up when not in use.

The main point is that you can suggest a better replacement to benefit the customer, making their RV experience easier and more enjoyable, while also providing your dealership with a revenue enhancing opportunity.

Click here to get our handy Cross Reference Guide.


WFCO Electronics now provides step-by-step, online troubleshooting guides for its different series of power centers and deck mount converters.

The handy one-page charts for each of five series lay out in graphic form a sequence of yes-and-no questions for technicians to answer about the problem. Depending upon the answer, technicians are guided either to a solution or to another yes-and-no question to further analyze the situation. This process continues until a solution is found.

These guides break down the problem analysis into a clear, logical progressionTroubleshooting_Chart_Pages of steps to help the technician quickly find and remedy the problem. This is another example of the support tools we’ve been developing for aftermarket sales and service of our products. The current guides cover the WF-8500 Series, WF-8700 Series, WF-8900 Series, WF-9800 Series and WF-9900 Series.

The troubleshooting guides may be found in the “Dealer Toolbox” under the “Support” tab on the WFCO website. Check back from time to time, as more guides will continue to be added.

Our latest video for replacing obsolete and other model converters and Power Centers is focused on using our WF-8955 MBA (Main Board Assembly) to replace the lower section of a Parallax 7100 Series power center. This detailed, Image for obsolete converter articlestep-by-step tutorial will help technicians with tips and logical steps that make for speedy, safe and accurate installations. Click here to see the video.

WFCO provides a number of main board assemblies in its 8900 MBA Series as well as converter replacement kits with its 8900 REP universal converters. These products can be used to replace converters or lower sections of power centers that are defective or obsolete, or to help customers add WFCO technology that can provide superior reliability and performance.

More installation videos for the training and support of your technicians will continue to be posted in this section that is found under the “Support” tab at

WFCO’s vertical integration puts us in the unique position to be your best power equipment supplier in terms of quality, service and cost. WFCO has control of the entire supply chain required for our production needs, from the design and engineering of each product to the manufacture of components to the assembly and distribution of the complete unit. Total vertical integration allows WFCO to have control of quality, consistency and delivery at every step of the manufacturing process, resulting in unmatched reliability, with warranty claims of less than one percent. This is one important reason why RV engineers favor WFCO products in more than 80 percent of RVs built today.

Accordingly, this large volume, along with the elimination of supplier markups through vertical integration, allows us to give you the best quality at the best price, with the best service and best value of any power product on the market.

What would you like to know? Click here to ask a question we can answer in future editions of this bulletin.

Have you noticed WFCO’s updated logo? It’s a new design that reflects our recent effort to better communicate who we are as a company. You’ll see that effort reflected in the re-creation of all product literature and packaging. You will also see it in a very big way with our new website and this new newsletter.Article 4

The website contains a host of information about WFCO and our products, some of which you might not know or have even thought about. The website provides an easy-to-search product section with additional information and resources for dealers and OEMs.

Some of what you will find is a growing library of helpful videos, including installation videos to help RV service centers replace converters. There’s an expanded background section about the WFCO organization, including information about our industry leading manufacturing, quality control and customer support initiatives.

You’ll find comprehensive contact information, including an introduction to the WFCO Power Pros Team. This is our group of highly knowledgeable and helpful experts who provide telephone assistance when you have questions, replacement concerns or need advice. Power Pro phone techs have 50 years of combined experience.

Another popular spot should be our Downloads Center, where you can easily find downloadable documents for every WFCO product.

We’ll also list the Shows and Events we are participating in, and there’s an archives section for all WFCO Heartbeat Bulletins.

And this is just the beginning! A lot more helpful information and resources for manufacturers, dealers and RV owners will be posted on a continuous basis. So come and visit often at

Three ways to install right21. Have the right tools ready

If you have everything you will regularly need on hand for the installation of a WFCO product when you start the job, it will go faster and smoother. Here´s what you should have:

  • Multimeter
  • Screwdrivers, Phillips and flathead
  • Allen wrenches (hex keys); a 7/16 Allen wrench needed for WFCO products
  • Wire stripper
  • Torque wrench and/or screwdriver

Key note: Most people don’t have a torque wrench lying around, but it´s important to be able to measure the torque when tightening the electrical connections. Over torque can be as bad as under torque. Click here for a handy torque chart.


2. Strip the right amount of insulation from all wires.

The right amount will depend on the size and type of lugs used on the converter/distribution panel. Stripping too much insulation can create opportunity for a short circuit. If you don’t strip enough and push the wire into the lug too far, the lug might tighten on the insulation instead of the wire core, so no electric connection is made.


3. Do it right the first time …

Take time to think the job through. Even slow down a little to make sure you get everything right the first time. That is better than losing more time in redoing something. Here are some tips on ˝getting it right.˝

  • If the pigtail on the Black power lead for the converter is not used, be sure to keep it capped.
  • Make sure there are no frayed wires that could short to surrounding terminals.
  • Properly torque the screws on the lugs and bus bars.
  • Make sure battery connections are the correct polarity: plus to plus and negative to negative.
  • The fuse and AC circuit breaker size needs to match wire size, not the current draw on that particular circuit.
  • Dual circuit breakers can be used if not enough AC circuits are available when using single breakers.
  • If mounting a 9800 Series converter in a vertical position, be sure to mount it with the intake fan pointing down.
  • When installing a Power Center, do not mount it behind a door or in any way that will block the front panel air vents.

pwlogo2And one more thing …

Always keep the Power Pros support line phone number handy (Call 877-294-8997 Ext. 1). We’ll always have an answer within 24 hours, if not much sooner.

Are you running into RV converters that are just not made anymore? To help you in these situations, our Power Pros™ team is building a library of helpful videos that show how to replace older converters with current WFCO products. At the link below, our first videos depict how WFCO’s 9800 Series deck mount converter can easily replace the Todd Engineering PC-30, IOTA DLS55 and Atwood APC32 deck mounts. In a separate video you can also see, step-by-step, how a Parallax 7155 Power Center main board can be replaced by a WFCO WF-8955-MBA main board assembly.

Obsolete Converter Spotlight ArticleClick Here to see our current replacement video library and check back frequently to visit our growing list of video resources.

WFCO_44_CROSSOVER_Capture_for releaseNow you can find a replacement solution for just about any obsolete or current converter you might bump into. With all the misinformation floating around the marketplace on how to handle obsolete converters, WFCO has dramatically expanded its cross-reference guide into a comprehensive, authoritative source for just about any converter brand ever used for an RV, with a replacement recommendation from WFCO’s extensive line of power products for the RV industry. Our comprehensive cross-reference guide is available to be your one source of converter knowledge past and present, designed to assist you in selecting the right converter for your customer.

Click here to request this special cross-reference guide.


Base 50

Three stage charging protects batteries.

WFCO’s automatic three-stage converter handles every charging need for the RV while extending the battery’s life. In fact, well-maintained batteries should never need more than WFCO’s two-stage (Normal and Trickle) charging modes. Our Fast Charge third stage (Bulk) is for the rare times a battery needs extra-power charging.

The WFCO Normal (Absorption) Mode alone is a powerhouse, capable of charging a fully-discharged battery in under three hours at 13.6 volts. When the RV is being used, the battery is kept readily charged in Normal Mode.

However, if the converter detects no significant variation in current draw for approximately 44 continuous hours, our Trickle (Float) Mode automatically kicks in and brings the battery back to full charge. Maintaining full charging in this manner helps prevent stratification of the battery’s fluids, which can reduce the battery’s charge and longevity.

For those cases when the battery charge drops significantly due to prolonged disuse, poor maintenance, or by significantly heavy system overloads, our 14.4 volt Fast Charge (Bulk) Mode kicks in. Our Fast Charge provides a maximum four-hour charge in order to prevent battery damage. This maximum time feature has been implemented to protect and extend the life of the battery.

The problem with overcharging a battery is that it tends to convert the water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen gasses, which can deplete the water and leave a strong acid solution, possibly damaging the battery. WFCO’s smart engineering makes Normal and Trickle the only charging modes the RV battery should ever require when it’s properly maintained.

If you have questions about 3-stage charging or concerns about over charging, please contact the Power Pros, call: 1-877-294-8997 Ext. 1.