Comprehensive Converter Lineup Has You Covered

Comprehensive Converter Lineup Has You Covered – Every RV, from the smallest camping trailer to sophisticated Class As, deserves clean, reliable electric power. WFCO is the only supplier that tailors converters to fit them all, from the smallest 12 amp system to the industry’s first 100 amp converter. Our comprehensive power line-up is designed to meet all these needs, and models include:

  • WF-8500 Series Power Center Converter with models offering 40 and 60 amps, and zero clearance design.
  • WF-8700 Series Power Center Converter, which is built for smaller RVs with zero clearance design. The export model includes 220 V ac and 25 amps dc options.
  • WF-8900 Series Power Center Converter, with models from 35 to 75 amps, with up to nine ac and eleven dc branch circuits.
  • WF-9500 Series Power Center Converter, designed for 50 amp service with models ranging from 40 to 80 amps, and zero clearance design.
  • WF-9900 Series Power Center Converter, with 60 and 90 amp models designed for 50 amp service.
  • WF-8800 Series Converter, a versatile deck mount converter specified for 220V international use.
  • WF-6800 Series Converter with its 100 Amp output and versatile deck mount, is ideal for powering electronics and appliances.
  • WF-8900-MBA Series Converter is the main board assembly to replace the lower section of WF-8900 Series power centers.
  • WF-8900-REP Series Converter is a universal replacement for certain converter brands with removable converter sections.
  • WF-9800 Series Converter deck mount with models ranging from 35 to 75 amps.
  • WF-5100 Series Inverter is a 1,000 amp inverter with built-in ac circuit protection.

WFCO also delivers innovative products that provide manufacturers with creative design flexibility. We offer a choice of power, physical size, number of circuits, and innovative features like zero clearance, gel cell battery compatibility, 220 V converters for export RVs, and easy-to-install aftermarket upgrade converters. Plus, every converter delivers the confidence of our Battery Guardian™ three-stage charging technology.

WFCO is full of powerful ideas supporting the industry’s creativity and innovation drive. And there’s much more to come.

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