Exclusive to WFCO Converters, Power Centers, and MBAs, Auto-Detect is a new Patent Pending technology that will DETECT Lead Acid or Lithium Ion batteries and AUTOMATICALLY change the charging profile based on the battery.

Auto-Detect Enables RV owners to optimize their batteries without needing to change out an entire converter or operate a manual switch.

Technology Exclusive to WFCO

  • Patent pending technology
  • Lead Acid/AGM and LiFEP04 compatible
  • Detects battery chemistry, automatically changes and optimizes charging profile
  • Innovative processor system that controls charging based on the need of the battery
  • Improved fan control for better cooling and efficiency
  • Continuous monitoring provides superior performance and battery maintenance

Soon to be available (click below for downloadable product literature):

Please contact the WFCO Power Pros for more information:
Toll Free: 877.294.8997 or 574.294.8997