Exclusive to WFCO Converters, Power Centers, and MBAs, Auto-Detect is a new Patent Pending technology that will DETECT Lead Acid or Lithium Ion batteries and AUTOMATICALLY change the charging profile based on the battery.

Auto-Detect Enables RV owners to optimize their batteries without needing to change out an entire converter or operate a manual switch.

Technology Exclusive to WFCO

  • Patent pending technology
  • Lead Acid/AGM and LiFEP04 compatible
  • Detects battery chemistry, automatically changes and optimizes charging profile
  • Innovative processor system that controls charging based on the need of the battery
  • Improved fan control for better cooling and efficiency
  • Continuous monitoring provides superior performance and battery maintenance

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“WFCO’s Auto-Detect promises to be a game-changer, thanks to its ability to work with both
lithium and conventional batteries. It greatly simplifies things for RVers and for dealers,
who can greatly reduce the number of SKUs they need to keep on-hand.”