Artis Water Pumps

Within one facility, WFCO Electronics’ power solutions are being engineered and prepped for the market, and the same is being done for Artis Products’ water pumps and accessories.

Artis Products from Arterra Distribution (the RV Division of the WFCO Group) is the leader in the manufacturing, distribution, and service of water pump products in the RV industry­­.

The RV-specific water pumps come in three designs, and all feature 12 VDC operation, EPDM valves, and Santoprene diaphragms for long life. ARTIS water pumps are the quietest industry and offer home-style flow and pressure to stand up to prolonged RV’er use.

The three RV models offered are all part of the Power Drive Series and include the 40 PSI PDS1 RV Fresh Water Pump, the PDS3B RV Fresh Water Pump featuring 60 PSI, and the PDS5B RV Fresh Water Pump with Flow Control and 70 PSI.

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