WFCO Group has been serving the RV and Automotive Industries for over 40 years. Founded in 1976, WFCO provides a variety of components and tools ranging from power switching components to pneumatic accessories.

Since its beginning, the WFCO Group has had numerous milestones, including the establishment of the Electronics Division (WFCO Electronics) in 1999. The Electronics Division prides itself on being on the forefront of trends, with the continuous development of innovative products. This has helped WFCO Electronics become the leader in manufacturing, distribution, and servicing of power conversion products in the RV industry, preferred more than 4-to-1 by RV manufacturers.

Innovative Product Designs: Customers have needs and we listen. Our customer-driven R&D teams are structured to fulfill unmet needs with innovative products for the market. We are hands-on and invest in the future by working step-by-step with our customers.

In-House Manufacturing: In order to control and assure the performance and quality of any product, we design and build all of our products in-house. In doing so, we are totally engaged in making sure our customers always receive what they need to fulfill their respective customers’ expectations. We are driven to bring the highest quality product to market.

Distribution and Service Operation: Our 55,000 square foot warehouse in Elkhart, IN is centrally located to serve our customers not only in Indiana and the Midwest region, but all of North America. Due to the volatility of our businesses and customers, we are committed to maintaining a 45-day inventory supply. This has on occasion proven to be necessary and our customers have found that they can always count on us to deliver.

At WFCO, we focus on understanding our customers and providing total commitment. We have developed a system of complete performance and quality management at every level, starting from raw materials to the delivery of products at our customer’s door. By providing quality products that meet industry demands and by offering the best service possible, we continue to be a committed and preferred resource to our customers.

WFCO Electronics is distributed by Arterra Distribution in the United States and Canada.